martes, 27 de octubre de 2009


Hi, kids! Here you are some games to review Halloween vocabulary.

In the first game, you have to search the haunted house for the monsters. If you can find 10 monsters, you win the game. If you get 3 wrong answers, the skeleton will get you!

In the second game, you must choose a level (easy, medium, hard or impossible) and then find 15 items before time runs out. Have fun!

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  1. Hey this game is very nice;
    I miss the school , my new school is not so funny.
    But its great!
    I miss the childrens and the teacher...
    You are the best school!
    Kisses ...
    MªIsabel :)

  2. Te invito a que formes parte de la red de maestros en línea. Allí somos muchos los profes que nos reunimos para compartir ideas y recursos.
    Un abrazo

  3. hello .I love blog i te kiero deci k erees la mejor profesora k e tenido de ingles

  4. ¡Hola!Soc na Marta,i soc un visitant del vostro bloc.Me agrada els jocs que posau,son facils i divertits.Seguire posant mes comentaris,per a que vageu que segueix el vostro bloc.
    besos Marta

  5. hola soc n'Alessandra Gamboa i m'agrada els jocs que poses

  6. Hi i`m sebatian its a good game
    good bye